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The nature and scope of Economics mainly depend on the activities of economics agents and how their economics effort Nature and Scope of Economics Free Essay Contents Introduction L01: Principles of basic economy L02: Applying economic principles L03: Applying analytic skills L04: Development of Independent Learning and Group Work Skills L05: Developing communication skills Conclusion References. Well, the importance of economics as a subject is extensive and varied. .top-rated free essay Nature and Scope of Economics. Economics studies those activities related to the attainment and use of material requisites or production and consumption of wealth which is related to the Adam Smith’s point of view In simplest term, Economics is related to the aspects that determine the consumption, production, exchange and distribution of various goods and services. Economics is a social science because it studies the people in their ordinary business of life. By mohdraes May 25, 2011 6145 Words. Cite _____ _____. Restaurant Review Essay Outline

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