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The Factors Of A Company's Macro Environment 1364 Words | 6 Pages. .Macro Environment: The factors outside of the industry that influence the survival of the company; these factors are not directly controllable by the organisation. (Elliot, Rundle-Thiele, Walker, p.48) Components of the Marco Environment : There are six (6) major components of which the macro - environment is made up of; 1 preliminary The macro environment consists of the external environment in which the company operates. The external environment of the organization includes factors such as economic, social, political and technological factors. Strategy Identifying influencing factors of a company’s macro-environment helps in the strategic development and management within a company. The macro-environment outlines an industry and the competitive environment as seen in figure 3.1, (Gamble, Peteraf, Thompson, 39) Lancaster (2011) defines the macro environment as ’those global elements over which the organization has no control over but which affect the organization’s ability to serve its customers profitably.’ There are six major macro environment forces: cultural, demographic, Macro Environment Factors Essay Scholarships economic, natural, political, and …. The change of these factors directly affects the …. Starry Night Essay Conclusion

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